This week was yet another very, very special week for us. We had the amazing Rene Ritchie as a guest. Rene is the editor-in-chief over at iMore. He’s the one responsible for all of the Mobile Nation’s iPhone, iPad, and Apple content. He’s also the co-host of a bunch of shows including the iMore show, Debug, and Iterate.

We spoke to Rene about everything Apple, how he got started with iMore, some of his hobbies, what he thinks of the Apple Watch, 2014 in review, Jony Ive, and much more!

Be sure to stick around for the After Show. You know… so you can find out what happens After the Apocalypse. Oh, there’s a bit of a surprise at the end.

We hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to send us your feedback via Twitter, Facebook, or email.

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Episode 09 – Rene Ritchie
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