Join Tammy Coron and Tim Mitra on Episode 82, which was recorded on March 08, 2017 *.

On this episode they talk with Suzanne Burns.

Suzanne is a Research Zoologist-turned-wildlife guide. She was born in Ireland, and has lived in Australia, England, New Zealand and Canada. Her lifelong love of travel allowed her to become involved in conservation efforts. More about Suzanne may be found below in her full bio.

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* Note: In the intro, Tammy says this episode was recorded on March 01, 2017. That was incorrect. Silly note taking app!

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Suzanne’s Full Bio

Born in Ireland, Research Zoologist-turned-wildlife guide Suzanne Burns has lived in Australia, England, New Zealand and Canada. Her lifelong love of travel allowed her to become increasingly involved in conservation efforts, working for Marine ENGO ‘Our Seas Our Future’ in NZ and as a whale warden in British Columbia’s Robson Bight Ecological Reserve. She trained as a marine mammal medic to learn how to rescue stranded whales and dolphins while in NZ. She recently wrote guidelines on helping assist stranded animals:

How to Help a Stranded Whale or Dolphin

Immersed in the most incredible scenery and wildlife experiences, she consequently has a wealth of photos and stories from her time in these places. Her collective experiences led her to writing and she has been published multiple times in Canada, New Zealand, America and Ireland.

After a decade away she returned to Ireland in 2014 and started her own tour guiding company called ‘MOPTOG’ (My Own Private Tour Guide). Her tours focus on the Wild Atlantic Way, which essentially is the incomparably beautiful West Coast of Ireland. The tours incorporate walks in nature, focusing on animals, plants, natural history, archaeology, myths and legends.

Always an avid foodie, Suzanne created a new tour guiding company in February 2017 called ‘Kinsale Food Tours’. Kinsale is a gorgeous medieval coastal village on the South coast of Ireland. It’s known as the Gourmet Capital of Ireland so it made perfect sense to start a new adventure here. The food tours weave gently through the town, stopping at local producers to sample their tasty treats and hear their stories and the fascinating history of the town.

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Episode 82 – Suzanne Burns